How to Choose a Dishwasher

Choosing a dishwasher is much easier (and a lot more fun) than in the past!GoGreenPlumbing

In the past, there were very limited options.  You basically could only choose which color you wanted. Now, options are endless it seems. Options include traditional dishwashers with basically just a “start” feature and to high-end options with sleek and smooth stainless steel fronts, dishdrawers, countertop models and even in-sink models for smaller loads.  So, with this bewildering array of choices how do you decide which model is right for you?

First, consider you dishwashing needs.  Large families, or people that enjoy cooking extensively, may opt for a more traditional type of dishwasher in stainless steel with adjustable racks that can accommodate larger pots.  Smaller families or those living in smaller spaces may opt for a countertop model or even dishdrawers that can wash smaller loads more frequently. 

Second, consider the aesthetic of your space.  If you prefer sleek , professional looking appliances the stainless steel models, and especially newer black stainless steel models that resist fingerprints, might be just the ticket.  If you like for your kitchen to look cohesive, you can purchase panels that match your cabinet fronts to attach to the front of the dishwasher.  This custom look is popular in high-end homes. 

Finally, decide which specific issues are important to you – cleaning delicate crystal, energy efficiency, noise level, heavy duty pot and pans cycle?  Different models are better at each of these functions of use.  With today’s open floor plans and kitchen-centric entertaining noise level has become increasingly important.  Similarly, energy efficiency is an important issue for many looking to reduce their ecological footprint and associate costs of operation.

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