Plumbing Leaks Can Make Pests Feel Welcome

Plumbing leaks may seem like a nuisance problem that can ‘just wait’. However, did you know that water leaks can also attract pests?  Just like all animals, cockroaches and mice need three basic things – shelter, food and water.  In fact, they can go without food for an extended period of time, but just days without water.

So, how do they get water?  It can be a leaky pipe, a dripping faucet, cracked fixtures, even the condensation tray under your refrigerator.  Check the shut off valves under the sink to make sure they seal properly.  Replace them if you find water leaking from them.   If you have an open water source you can bet the pests will find it.

In your bathroom check the grout around your tub or shower to ensure that you don’t have water leaking behind the fixture.  Also make sure that the caulk ring where the pipes come out of the wall is intact.  If the wax ring around the bottom of a toilet isn’t sealing properly, you could create a watering hole for critters every time you flush.

In fact, most mouse poison baits cause the rodent to seek out water.  This is good for your if your home is leak free because it will force the rodent outside in search of water.  But, if you have leaks, it will cause them to die in your house, and likely in places that you can’t access like inside of the walls.  And that can lead to a whole separate set of problems.  By fixing leaks proactively, you not only reduce the chances of an infestation, you also save water and money.

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