Plumbing in a Tiny Home


With the Tiny Home popularity growing, many are interested in what it takes to build a Tiny Home.  Once you figure out the size and layout, one of the remaining details is plumbing: How will you get water in and out of your Tiny Home? Below we’ve laid out a few ideas for you to consider.

Simplest, But Not the Easiest 

One choice—and the least costly—is to go with no plumbing at all.  You can still have water in your Tiny Home, but YOU will be the system to transport water in and out.  By using buckets or bottles, you can carry water into your home.  This is made easier by making sure your Tiny Home is near a water source.  If this isn’t possible, buying water in bulk may be necessary.  However, keep in mind that this requires space to store the bulk supplies.  Going this route will save you money on the initial build, but cost more in time securing and moving water to and around your Tiny Home.

Tank Water Source And Pump

This system allows you to have a water tank installed during the building of your Tiny Home.  In order for a water tank to work you must have a pump that circulates and pressurizes the water.  A downside to this is that the pump can be a bit noisy when in use, and the tank monopolizes some of your limited space.  But getting creative in finding space for your water tank can be challenging and fun.

Let’s Stay Put

If being self-contained and mobile is not an issue for you, then finding a permanent location for your Tiny Home will allow you to have a more typical water source.  You can then install regular plumbing in your Tiny Home, and connect to a public water source like an RV or regular home.

Best of Both Worlds

If you want to stay put most of the time, but are interested in some mobility, then you can install regular plumbing and a tank/pump system.  This allows you the flexibility of having regular plumbing while remaining stationary. But, if the desire to roam hits, you have a self-contained system on board.  This is the most costly and time-consuming option, but it does provide you with the most flexibility.

Entering the Tiny Home world can be exciting and overwhelming all at once, but knowing how to do it properly will allow you to be a success.  Our next post will deal with handling water as it leaves your Tiny Home.  Check back to see how to finish out your Tiny Home plumbing.

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