How to Reduce Water Usage in Your Landscape


Do you feel like you are using too much water in keeping up your landscape?  The US Environmental Protection Agency thinks that many of us are too.  That is why they created the WaterSense program to help you have a beautiful landscape that doesn’t cost a fortune to install or maintain.  Some key components of their program are:

  • Timing is everything – knowing when and how much to water your landscape makes a huge difference. Water while evaporation is low so that you aren’t just adding water to the atmosphere but to your plant roots instead.
  • Look at the label – purchase Water Sense labelled irrigation controls so that your system only waters when needed using timers and sensors with smart technology.
  • Use a professional – contractors can install, audit and maintain your system for you to make sure that you won’t be throwing your water, or dollars, away.

Americans use more than 30% of their water on outdoor landscapes annually.  That is a lot of water when you consider that the average American family uses 320 gallons every day.  So, what can you do to conserve?  Consider these tips:

  • Go native – these plants will use less water.
  • Group plants according to water needs so that you don’t overwater plants that are more drought tolerant.
  • Use healthy soil that can retain moisture and provide optimal growing conditions for plants.
  • Cut (out) the grass – turf requires more water than other landscaping.
  • Water wisely by using smart technology and timers.
  • Use mulch to keep in water.
  • Maintain your yard by using mulch and removing weeds – it will make the yard look better and operate more efficiently.

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