How to Spot Water Leaks Early


I know it is frustrating to hear that drip – drip – drip of a leak.  But that tedious sound isn’t the worst part of a small leak.  It’s the fact that a small leak can easily and quickly turn into a really big leak with much bigger consequences than getting on your last nerve.  So, what can you do?  Catch them while they are small and manageable.  And never put a basin under a leak and wait for it to get better because it won’t!

So, how do you head off these disasters?  First catch these leaks early.  Inspect in cabinets, near ice maker connections and laundry connections regularly – at least monthly is ideal.  Yes, it is a pain to pull the washer out to look, but try this instead – look a thin rag over the end of a yardstick and secure with a rubber band.  Using the rag tipped in run it along the floor under the washer.  Water seeks the lowest point and if you pull a wet rag out chances are good you need to investigate.  If not, no worries until the next month.

Also, follow you nose – it always knows.  If something smells musty or moldy all of a sudden there is likely a reason. Hopefully you’ll just find a cleaning rag that never quite got dried out rather than a leak but all suspicious smells may lead to finding a leak so check it out.  Remember that in addition to water damage, some leaks that are close to sensitive equipment like televisions or computers can cause even more problems.  And never let water sit on wood – it can lead to rot.  So, if you find a leak what should you do?  Cut off the water at the nearest cut off.  In most bathrooms and kitchens you will find it right under the sink.  Older homes may have longer distances to cut offs or even require you to use a whole house cut off.  Call a licensed plumber immediately to repair the leaks and look for other unseen damage.

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