The Latest Solutions to Improve Air Quality In Your Home

Are allergies ruining your everyday home comfort? Do you believe there may be sources of air pollution within your home? 

While not everyone who is constantly surrounded by airborne contaminants experiences symptoms, indoor air pollution can have both short and long-term effects on your health. Fortunately, there are several ways you may be able to address this issue. In essence, it all comes down to your indoor air quality (IAQ) and what factors are at play. 

What Causes Poor Indoor Air Quality? 

Indoor air quality encompasses the condition of the air in your home, so there are many components at play here, from common household products to ventilation issues. Volatile organic compounds, better known as VOCs, refer to dangerous gases that have adverse health effects when inhaled. Paint, highly concentrated cleaning products, aerosol sprays, pesticides, building materials, and certain solvents are examples of common VOCs found in homes throughout Greensboro, NC, and the surrounding areas. 

Ventilation is yet another area to consider when it comes to indoor air quality. Smoke can contribute to a lower level of IAQ, so it’s important to have proper ventilation or crack open a door or window to keep fresh air circulating.

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How Do Air Conditioning and Heating Systems Factor In? 

Most homeowners don’t realize the role that cooling and heating systems play on indoor air quality. If these units are not maintained properly, they don’t filter out air pollutants as efficiently. As a result, the air will not be processed appropriately as it passes through the unit before entering your home. 

New Air Cleaning Solutions

When you find yourself stuck and in need of an efficient air cleaning solution, turn to your trusted heating and air conditioning specialists in Greensboro, NC. Here at Go Green, we offer some of the best IAQ products on the market for your home. 

Air Filtration: On A Larger Scale

An air filtration system removes unwanted airborne particles and pathogens to keep your home’s air clean and fresh — similar to an air filter but on a larger scale throughout the home. To be more specific, these can help trap dust, hair, pet fur, pollen, mold spores, and more. 

Note: For best results, use HEPA air filters throughout your home. These catch particles in three different ways (diffusion, impaction, and interception) to bring you better air quality. 

Everything You Need to Know About Air Scrubbers

Then, there are air scrubbers. These offer a different approach to air purification. Let’s take a closer look: 

Integrating Air Quality Solutions Into Your Home

Ultimately, we recommend consulting with our team of heating and air conditioning experts in order to determine the best solutions for your home, whether that’s something as simple as a HEPA filter or a comprehensive system like the REME HALO® In-duct Air Purifier. 

On top of that, we are a trusted plumbing company in the Greensboro, NC, area, so rely on us whenever you find yourself looking for plumbers nearby. Contact us today for more information! 

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