What to Flush, What Not to Flush by Go Green Plumbing

What to Flush, What Not to Flush

I think we’ve all had that same question at one point in our life – is this really flushable? So many products now claim to be flushable – baby wipes, feminine hygiene products, etc. But what should you do to protect your pipes? Rest assured, we have answers.

First, while many products sat they are ‘safe’ to flush, limit your flushes to simple waste and toilet paper. Anything else should go in the trashcan. If you are concerned about odors, simply sprinkle some baking soda in the trash can liner to help absorb odor or empty trash daily. Particularly strong odors can be mitigated by disposing of them in the main trashcan outside the home (used diapers, any dog/cat clean up items).

No feminine hygiene products should ever be flushed down the toilet. In public waste systems they can build up and cause a blockage, which the homeowner may have to pay to repair. In private septic tanks, they can quickly fill the tank to capacity. Baby and cleaning wipes are other products that are frequently flushed. Remember that while one or two of these a year may be OK for the system, regularly flushing either of these can lead to disastrous consequences for your septic tank.

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