Don’t Buy a Home Without Inspecting the Septic System

Your home is one of the biggest investments you make.  For most homeowners your mortgage accounts for over 30% of your monthly income.  So, you know you need to get an inspection before investing that kind of dollars. However, most homeowners overlook one often overlooked, but really expensive piece of equipment crucial to the smooth running of your home – the septic system!

While city dweller and those lucky enough to live in the suburbs who are hooked up to the municipal sewer service, many of those who live in rural areas or some suburbs may not have that option.  For those folks the septic tank is the only option. Checking out the septic system early on in the home purchase can save a ton of money in the long road.

A septic tank system consists of a septic tank into which waste flows, a distribution box into which excess water flows, and a drain field which is made up of a series of buried pipes that are perforated.  When waste flows into the septic tank, it accumulates with solids sinking to the bottom (this includes solid human waste and paper products and other refuse.  Water than floats to the top.  There is an outlet above the in flow connection that decants the excess water into the distribution box.  This distribution box then serves to distribute the excess water to the drainage field.  The drainage field will distribute this water across a large area of lawn or field so that it can either evaporate or be absorbed my surrounding plants in the soil.

So, what can you do to protect yourself? Start by asking the current owner what maintenance, if any, they have done in the past, including any pumping of the tank.  Next, hire a professional that knows how to evaluate the system.  Often systems can be overwhelmed when to much water volumes is running through the system.

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