Preparing Your Plumbing for a Vacation

Mixing Valve

Are you planning a long weekend in the Bahamas?  Maybe a week in Mexico or the Catskills?  While you are busy planning your action packed (or nap packed) vacation, take a minute to care for your home as only you can.  The last thing you want to happen after your relaxing vacation is to come home to a damaged home.  So how can you prevent this from happening?

First, when you leave your home recognize that the water in your home still maintains its pressure in your pipes.  This can potentially lead to leaks, and the damages that they can cause.   One easy way to prevent this damage is to shut the water off at the main control valve.

In most homes, the main shutoff valve is located right next to the water meter. Sometimes this valve is a knob that can be turned by hand, but other valves may require a wrench to turn on and off. If you’re having trouble locating or turning your shutoff valve, you should contact a plumber for help; even if you’re home in the event of a plumbing emergency, knowing where the valve is and how to shut it off may help you prevent thousands of dollars in damage!

This simple step will prevent future problems from leaks.  When you get back home simply cut it back on.  Do take into account that it will also shut down your irrigation system.  If this is an issue ask a neighbor or landscaper to come by, cut the water on and give your lawn and plantings the irrigation they need before shutting it back off.

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