Does Your Economy Setting Really Save You Money?


If you have purchased a water heater, dishwasher, dryer or washing machine recently, you have probably seen that most models contain a setting that promises more economical operation. In fact, most of these appliances purport to save you money through decreased water consumption as well as lowered electrical or gas use.  But, does it really save you all that money that you think?

First, consider that while economy settings may reduce water and electrical usage, if they are ineffective in cleaning your clothes or dishes and you have to run the cycle twice in order to get the items clean, you won’t actually save any money – in fact you will spend more. So, how do you sort through all the noise and determine which appliance will best suit your needs and your wallet?

First, check out the reviews from other owners.  They can tell you whether or not the pots and pans cycle actually cleans those pots and pans.  Many users will share photos as well so you can gauge how well they work.  Read reviews from multiple sources.  Brick and mortar stores usually have an online presence that you can use to see their consumer reviews.  If you have a model number recognize that many big box stores have model number that are only available in their stores, so you won’t be able to directly compare across sites.  Instead make a list of key features to compare across sites.  Second, look at the energy guide labels.  They will guide you in term of the amount of money required annually for a ‘normal’ household to run the appliance.

Finally, recognize that you determine how well your appliances work.  It all comes down to scraping the scraps off your dishes before loading your dishwasher, don’t overload the washing machine or dryer and maintain your water heater.  Simple measures that determine you appliance’s performance.

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