Noisy Faucets – What to do!


Do you have a faucet that is absolutely driving you up a wall with the noise it makes?  Maybe it is a high pitched squeal or screech.  You’ve probably tried to ignore it – after all, maybe it will go away on its own – right?  Unfortunately, it likely won’t go away on its own.  It is a sign that there is something broken in your plumbing and you will have to repair it in order to save your sanity!

So, what do you do?  If your facets are making noise, there is something broken.  Most problems with faucets occur in the stem, which controls the flow of the water through the faucet.  In order to replace the stem by taking off the handle.  You can do this by removing the set screw with a screwdriver or Allen wrench.  Next, unscrew the stem which is right under the faucet handle.  Remove any nuts with a regular wrench.  If it is an old fixture, consider replacing the seat, or changing out the faucet.   Seats will age over time and may benefit from replacement if you are hearing noise out of your faucets.

Insert the seat in the handle pipe, tighten it with the seat wrench until very tight, and then screw the seat on with the bath socket. Tighten the seat and stem securely.  Test the repair by turning the water on.  If it is still making noise remove the handle again and retighten until you test it without hearing anymore noise. If in doubt or if this repair is too daunting, consider calling in a professional like the ones at Go Green plumbing.

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