When Should You Replace Your Sump Pump?

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If you have a basement with sump pump, you have likely spent the last few months worrying about its stability in the face of the heavy rains we’ve had lately.  So, how do you know when it is time to replace your sump pump?  There are a few key tip offs that the time is close.  Consider these scenarios:

  • Do you have a pedestal style sump pump? These are the old style pumps that have since been replaced by the submersible sump pump.  If you have one like this consider going ahead and replacing it before your find your holiday ornaments floating in Lake Basement.  You will find newer models to be more dependable, with automatic battery backups and warning buzzers that can alert you early to any troubles.
  • Does your pump seem to run forever? Pumps are rated based on their ability to clear needed water volume over distance.  If you either have more water than would be expected, or have to pump it further than expected, your pump may be undersized.  Consider a replacement.  Pumps should run no more than just a minute or so in any given cycle.  And it shouldn’t cycle every five minutes.  Consider your basin depth when looking for a replacement.  You want to protect your home and your new pump, so invest in determining the proper size.
  • Does you pump fail to turn on when needed? It may be a float problem, but it also maybe the result of a faulty pump.  Consider replacing if you can’t easily reset the float or if you are unable to monitor it closely.  Better safe than sorry.
  • Does the pump wake you up at night? A mere annoyance during the day because of the noise? Noise is a sure indicator or trouble.  Even if it is not particularly annoying, any noise is a sign that there is a loose, worn or lost part.  You don’t want to find out the hard way that your pump isn’t working.  Replace it now to save you restless nights later.

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